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Feedback to the NAIA forum about our experimental web site

As I've been reading the various comments about what Larry and Chris have proposed, I realize what a gift they have given us. What they have presented us can be likened to the proposal for a group doctoral thesis. It is a germ of an idea, which we, the committee and advisers, have the privilege of giving input to, critiquing, formulating, etc. When the final product is presented, it will, hopefully, be a collective of all of our best ideas.

Larry and Chris have responded to the techno sociological revolution of the present, by creating a model -- imperfect or otherwise -- of what lies ahead. They have said to each of us -- artists and show directors alike -- this is what we see in the future. Let's talk about it now, let's examine the negatives and positives, what it is we would like in a "perfect art show jurying environment," utilizing the internet, digital imaging, etc.

I believe that's what this discussion is all about. There is no doubt the quality of the technology will become available at some point in the not-so-distant future. In the meantime, we each have the option of participating in the dialogue this forum affords, by working together to help create the model we would like to participate in.

Natalie Browne-Gutnik


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