Overall Benefits of an Online Jury Process:
Internationally recognized members of the arts community, who might not be able to travel to a jury site, could be invited to take part in the jurying process from their homes.
An online show jury can be as large or small as the show decides it should be. Once online, the submitted work can be efficiently viewed and judged by 20 jurors as easily as by 2 jurors.
A larger jury pool is inherently fairer, preventing any one juror from knocking applicants out of the running.
Jurors can be chosen to jury specific media, where their expertise is most valuable. 
The whole jurying process can take place on a password protected web site, or easily and inexpensively run from a CD. 
Jury scores could be submitted by e-mail from a form on the web site or CD. 
Jurors can spend the time needed to reflect on each artist's work, revisit work as often as they need, and see it in context.
Descriptions provided by artists can be accessed anytime. 
Specific Benefits for Art Shows:
Lower costs for the jury process
Increase the expertise of the jurors, by choosing from an unlimited pool of talent. 
Reduce the dependence on a few skilled volunteers who understand the jury process.
Eliminate the need for a jury room, rented slide projectors, sorting thousands of slides.
Improve year to year consistancy of results.
Control the importance of various elements of the juries evaluation, even after the scores are in.
Have the key elements of a web site already scanned and ready to go online.
Great Public Relations resource
Contact other media with the top scoring work within hours of the close of the jury.
Impress the public with the caliber of the jurors who selected the show.
Create a public preview of the talent chosen for the show.
Specific Benefits for Artists and Crafts people:
Feedback from the jurors would be a tangible value to all artists, especially those rejected.
Scores, comments, and relative ranking can be automatically send back to each artist.
Top scoring work can be seen by all artists, giving a clear idea of what the show is looking for.
One application could be filled out online, and be automatically submitted to as many shows as participate in the online process.
Work submitted could be seen by other shows, and trigger invitations to exhibit.
Work submitted could be seen by potential clients, and lead to direct contact.


Think about this: imagine a national database of the artist's digital images. On the show application form, which can then be filled out on a web site, you enter your personal ID number for the images you choose to submit and the show automatically gets the images. 

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