This is a functioning jury system
Categories in bold can be juried
You can be the Juror
Clay - (Cy)  NA
Digital - (Dl)  NA
Drawings & Graphics - (Dg) 
Fiber & Leather Wearable - (Fw) NA
Fiber & Leather Non-Wearable - (Fn) 
Glass - (Gs) NA
Jewelry - (Jw)
Metal (Mt) NA
Mixed Media - (Mm) NA
Painting - (Pt) 
Photography - (Ph)
Sculpture - (Sc) NA
Watercolors - (Wc) NA
Wood - (Wd)
After experimenting with my initial jury system where feedback and comments could be given, It was called to my attention that  art shows might be hesitant to change from their current system. I then created a second simpler type where the whole process can take place on your monitor without having to scroll, but giving less feedback. So now there are two different types of jury pages, intermixed amongst the participating artists. 

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